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It's Alchemy 

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As much as I may want to, I don't shy away from hard conversations - at least, not for very long.
I try to remain open, curious and ask as many questions as will be tolerated.

Leveling up in life, raising our vibration, and healing our core wounds, takes time. It takes willingness and courage. And let's face it, its a lot more fun to explore with the right community. Healing, like life, is experiential. There is no one right way to heal from sexual trauma, violence, exploitation, or trafficking because no two experiences are the same. Which is why on the Rayanne K Irving Podcast, we connect with Doctors, Therapists, Kinesiologists, Epidemiologists, Outreach Workers, CEO's, Mentors, Coaches, Pastors, Shamans, and other Trauma Survivors. Our goal is to introduce you to every conceivable resource that we can find so that you can  explore what feels right for you at your own pace. 

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The freedom to show up exactly as you are. No pretenses, masks, or characters. No stigma, rigid belief sets, or judgment. Just you, me, and a special guest. Get ready to drop your guard and connect with a community. 



We believe in your right to choose. Free will is your birthright! Regardless of what you've done, had done to you, or continue to do - how you choose to shape your current reality, be it through trauma or calculated risk, deep survival switching, or love - we are here to honor that space and meet you where you're at. 

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At some point, we've all shimmied up to a buffet of suffering and then waited in line at the dessert bar for a heaping scoop of pain, which is precisely why we belly laughs at every opportunity. We laugh at the unimaginable because it's not strength that holds us together in the face of tragedy. It's joyfulness.


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Kaytlin Bailey: The Oldest Profession & Whorephobia

Kevin "The Soul Assassin" Ross: Strong & No Longer Silent

Valiant Richey: Buyer Beware Ending the Demand Part 1

Susie Carder: Money, Sex and Self Worth


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Pilot: Rayanne Irving and Peter Fahey - Reconnect 

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Suppose you come in a little closer, a little closer. Listen, I want to tell you a bit about who I am, but I'm not yelling across time and space to get there. Ok, you comfortable? Probably not the best idea, I tend to take people out of their comfort zones in the best way possible.

So, do I list this off like I'm rushing to get my thoughts out  or do I allow for flowery sentences to flow from the finger tips of a poet.

Meh, let me give it to you the way my brain works. While most people have complex issues - I am a complex subscription of choices and reflex. 

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"There's resilience, there's strength, and there's an undeniable connection to empathy that lies in Rayanne's voice. Love, LOVE hearing your experience through the eyes of healing."

- Alex

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- maya

"This podcast saved my business. For real. I don't know where I would be without it. I'm seriously living my dreams rn!"

Five Stars:

What would change in your reality if you were able to recognize Triggers as your personal Genius rather than fearing them as the enemy? 

How would your body feel if it could respond to the world around it rather than react to it?

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