I Arrived Here, Kicking and Screaming...

I had no plans to become an advocate,
 if I'm being honest. After escaping life on the streets, all I wanted was to put as much space as possible between who I had been and who I wanted to be. 







hey there!

i'm rayanne
 K. irving

I have been tempered in the way that only feeling your way through extreme grief and loss can do. Born into this world hardwired for chaos, my way of coping was to suppress my emotions and keep moving forward at all costs— a learned behaviour. I was terrified of becoming a stereotype and took pride in being a force of nature. The drive in me was relentless. Spurred on by C-PTSD and the fear of discovery, I unwittingly created a persona for myself, a character I attached all my self-worth to. The type of woman no one would ever connect to having been abused or exploited. A woman no one could tame or own. An enigma. A cowgirl.  

My Superpower is my ability to honor the polarity within myself.

 ie, moving towards a new destination within self while simultaneously screaming
'I take it back. I don't want to do this!'   

Then, my best friend and love died by suicide, and my safe place, my hiding spot, became the most painful place of all to be. I lost [ read: ran away from, burnt to the ground ] everything I had spent my life building—reputation, career, identity, friends, family, material possessions, even my credit score. I didn't just fall down. I stayed down. None of my old coping strategies would work anymore. Every avenue of escape I had previously used [ Athleticism, travel and denial ] was cut off from me, and I was forced to come to the conclusion that I needed new solutions, actionable steps, and concrete answers.




willful ignorance. Matching Socks. Small Talk. Flat Sheets. Carpets.  Boozey Benders. Video Games.
this List.   

Walking A Fine Line Between Grace And Hot Mess. Avoiding Deadlines. Hiding In Book Stacks. Riding My Horses. Hiking With my  dog, Thyme. Topic jumping aka conversational side questing. Being awkward in social situations. getting hyperactive at midnight. Staring up at the trees, the moon, the stars. enjoying the music of nature. 

Myself. The Magic Of Everyday Kindness,
the old gods. nature. Laughing Until My
Stomach Hurts. Late Night Talks. early
morning coffee & putting the needle on the vinyl. making time for people. dichotomy & alchemy .

I was going to have to come clean about my past as a neglected, abandoned child who wound up being severely abused and then sex trafficked. But even after I found the courage to speak my truth, no one had answers. Organizations called me a victim. Doctors offered drugs. My family continued to live in denial. No one I came across was able to provide tangible, actionable steps to help me become sovereign. So I got desperate, then curious ( out of necessity ). I read books, listened to podcasts, searched the internet, asked questions, took courses, and learned how to work with my brain, body, and familial history.  

My most used word?

I am neither, ethier, or. I am all the emotions AND All of the experiences.

I used every resource I could get my hands on to transform ME. By creating space within my body and altering my environment ( inside and out ) I was able to rewire my central nervous system and my brain, which allowed me to make different choices. Choices rooted in the reality I wanted for myself. 







Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

The Chronology of Water
Written by: Lidia Yuknavitch
Narrated by: Christina Delaine

Schitts Creek. Kim's Convenience. yellowstone. 1883. Mayor of kingstown. Queer as folk. 

organic Coffee. earl gray loose leaf tea. water. electrolytes. 

Cultural Transformation,
the actualization of Partnership System and a healthy Ocean

Taking ownership of the attitudes and beliefs I carried within me as armour was the most challenging, uncomfortable and terrifying thing I've ever done. Today, I feel safe in my own body and am most proud of my inner peace. This is why I want to share everything I have ever learned with you. So we can stop the cycle of trauma and abuse together. So we can change the narrative of your story and in effect, affect world we live in. 

I was not damaged by my experiences 
I was changed by them 

How we speak to ourselves matters




self care practises

Brain Rescue 3

Muay Thai Kickboxing
Horseback  Riding
gym ( lifting weights)

The Model Health Show


honouring Boundaries with self
setting boundaries with others

Higher Practice Podcast

Specialized Kinesiology 
IMS therapy 
singing and dancing in my kitchen

moving meditation

Alpha Brain

Specialized Kinesiology

authors (some not all)

sarah j maas

the twisted sisters

jennifer l armentrout

anne mccaffrey

jean m auel

anne rice

johann hari

shawn stevenson

brene brown

jordan peterson

bruce lipton

nicholas evans

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Sunshine. Wayfarers kickstarter semiotics, quinoa godard dreamcatcher hexagon pop-up hoodie.

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~*Kim Ayers, Canadian Paramedic 


What would change in your reality if you were able to recognize Triggers as your personal Genius rather than fearing them as the enemy? 

How would your body feel if it could respond to the world around it rather than react to it?

Somatic Energy
Healing Today! 


What would change in your reality if you were able to recognize Triggers as your personal Genius rather than fearing them as the enemy? 

How would your body feel if it could respond to the world around it rather than react to it?

Somatic Energy
Healing Today!