A six-week journey where together, you and Rayanne will zero in on your message, map out POV, character's narratives, and tropes and build a world within the pages of your manuscript that will best reach your intended audience. After which, you will have a complete outline emphasizing what matters for each chapter so that you can deep dive into your manuscript with confidence and clarity!

Time: Twelve 60-minute face to face sessions over eight weeks + weekly notes on your completed homework 


Rayanne integrates your self completed manuscript/notes/journals/articles with face-to-face sessions that allow her to capture the true essence of your voice. Best for Entrepreneurs, Practitioners, Experts, Healers, Providers, and Advocates. This package is perfect for anyone who deeply desires to share their learned experience with the world but doesn't have the time. The DFY package follows a workflow that flexes when needed and meets every other week for 90-minute sessions where you will read aloud the work completed to date, then together sprinkle in the magic that only you can bring to the world.

 Completion times are dependent upon desired word count. 
The Done-For-You package includes one collaborative revision draft. 
Package does not include copy editing

Turn your writing into immersive storytelling!
Content Editing not only opens you up to previously forgotten memories, new ideas, and reactive feelings, but Rayanne also cheers you on when you're at your wit's end and ready to toss that computer out the window!  

Includes 90 min sessions, weekly notes, input, and suggested edits on your manuscript.  

Writing services are limited and require an APPLICATION and (free) consultation before acceptance

In order to arrive, one must first begin...

Develop Your Book Idea + Create an Outline 

the DONE-FOR-YOU Package 


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Need help creating your educational model, course or presentation? I am a professional content writer whose experience spans from articles and websites to full-length course content. Creating print and digital content for a variety of companies on a wide-range of topics from behavioral therapy to human trafficking, I synthesize complex topics to make them easy to read and engage with.





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Rayanne not only brings her heart and soul to her work, but she brings the ability to craft a story, simplify complex ideas, and be your personal cheerleader all in one.


~*Jen Menzel pool, Non profit director

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