Learning to ride before she could walk, Rayanne's natural affinity for animals was cultivated early on, and a true love for the equestrian lifestyle was born. 

Her showing and winning career began when she was only five years old as she graduated from Pony Club & Gymkhana's to 4-H, and then onto Cutting Horses. 

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From age 14 to 18, Rayanne was fostered out and struggled with abandonment, homelessness, gang recruitment and child sex trafficking. When asked by a street outreach worker, while being sex -trafficked, where she would go and what she would do if she had the opportunity, Rayanne told them she would become a professional horsewoman. After multiple failed attempts on her own, Rayanne made a daring escape from her exploiters with the help of a man named Pete Fahey and made good on her dreams. 

Rayanne's pursual of her dream led her across North America, as she contracted out to various trainers and mastered multiple disciplines such as  Reining, Working Cowhorse, Team Roping ( heading & healing ), Cutting, Ranch Versatility, Western Pleasure, English, Jumping and herdsmanship before settling down and opening up her own business, RKI Horse Training.  

It wasn't an easy road she chose to travel. Reverse Culture Shock punctuated her every move, and Rayanne chose to fight her demons in private, keeping her experience with human trafficking and exploitation to herself. Luckily for her, she was taken on as an apprentice by Doug Henry and his wife, Kristine. Starting out with nothing but the clothes on her back, Rayanne tapped into her relentless drive and took on multiple night jobs such as milking cows and bartending in order to live out her dream job during the day as an apprentice, where Doug and Kristin armed her with skills such as colt starting, cutting and team roping so that she could one day set up her own business as a professional horse trainer.   

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