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I know first-hand the amount of heart, courage, and resiliency it takes to become a cycle breaker, which is why I am cheering for your success, happiness, and fulfilment even without knowing you, dear reader! YOU are why I created this site; if there is one thing I can leave behind in this world, it's the blueprint to my inner peace - in hopes that the tools I have gathered may be of service to YOU on your own life's journey.  

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Rayanne is now a Senior Educator, Facilitator and more at TC Online Institute. Combining the art of storytelling and science, she has created truly one of a kind custom courses like you've never seen before - only found at TC Online Institute!

Wednesday, December 1st, Rayanne will be guest speaking at Soap 2 Hope's 2nd Annual •Not For Sale• Event in Salt Lake City, Utah. For tickets, to become a partner, or support this event and its outstanding outreach services, please email

Rayanne will be joining Yolanda Christensen, founder and president of Free to Fly in Seattle WA for a Youth Group Mentoring Session hosted and supported by Free to Fly.

Don't miss out on the latest episode of Focus Forward! Our guest is author and educator Jocelyn M Kirkland  who bares it all in episode #23! We talk about how to introduce the topic of sex to children, why language matters and as the title of her new book says- The Complexities of Ecstasy !! FOCUS FORWARD! on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google and YouTube 


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