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I know first-hand the amount of heart, courage, and resiliency it takes to become a cycle breaker, which is why I am cheering for your success, happiness, and fulfilment even without knowing you, dear reader! YOU are why I created this site; if there is one thing I can leave behind in this world, it's the blueprint to my inner peace - in hopes that the tools I have gathered may be of service to YOU on your own life's journey.  

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Rayanne is now a Senior Educator, Facilitator and more at TC Online Institute. Combining the art of storytelling and science, she has created truly one of a kind custom courses like you've never seen before - only found at TC Online Institute!

Wednesday, December 1st, Rayanne was a guest speaker at Soap 2 Hope's 2nd Annual •Not For Sale• Event in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the event,  For tickets for 2022, or to become a partner, or support Soap2Hope events and its outstanding outreach services, please email

Rayanne joined Yolanda Christensen, founder and president of Free to Fly in Seattle WA for a  successful Youth Group Mentoring Session hosted and supported by Free to Fly and is looking forward to joining them again and witnessing the girls graduate their courses this year!.

Don't miss out on the latest episode of Focus Forward! Our guest is author and educator Jocelyn M Kirkland  who bares it all in episode #23! We talk about how to introduce the topic of sex to children, why language matters and as the title of her new book says- The Complexities of Ecstasy !! FOCUS FORWARD! on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google and YouTube 

In this highly interactive presentation, Lived Experience CSEC Leader Rayanne Irving offers an insightful, thought-provoking perspective on the glamorization of sex as it relates to human trafficking. Her premise is that the ensuing search for human connection is the core reason for slavery worldwide. Taking us on a journey through the rich history of sex, prostitution, the rise of patriarchy and its development of the pimp, intergenerational trauma and more, Rayanne offers a complex and rehumanizing look at why human trafficking continues to flourish throughout the world and what we as a society can do to bring it to an end.  


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