Kaytlin Bailey

October 24, 2020

The Oldest Profession & Whorephobia

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Kaytlin Bailey is an internationally touring stand-up comic, sex worker rights advocate and writer.

For episode two of Focus Foward the Rayanne K. Irving Podcast, we decided not just to wing it ( which we absolutely do in this episode ) but to get down and dirty about our thoughts on sex work, sex trafficking, and healing as a culture!

If you didn’t already know, this is not a PG13 show, so if your Squeamish about language, sex, sex work, sex trafficking – you should stop and grab some headphones. 

A quick re-cap before you hit play – this space, our intention is that this podcast is here to honor the journey towards self-empowerment and healing. So whether you identify as having been sex trafficked, or it empowers you to call yourself a sex worker if you identify as a victim or survivor because you were abused as a child and or adult – I’m not here to judge or tell you what’s right or wrong. It’s YOUR journey. What we hope you will find here is space to process your own experiences and actionable step so that you can find the right resource for you – whatever it is that will help you to integrate your past into your future while being able to hold down your present and live your best damn life!  

Focusing Forward, ours ( Rayanne & Kaytlin’s ) is a conversation and sharing of perspectives between someone who was willfully engaging in sex work and another who unknowingly had been groomed. 

Listen, we’re not here to have tea or demand that you drink our brand of cool-aid, but we do recommend that you tune in with an open mind and heart.

Kaytlin Bailey

More about Kaytlin:

In 2018 she returned to politics to challenge laws criminalizing the oldest profession as the Director of Communications for Decriminalize Sex Work. In 2020 Bailey founded Old Pro Productions, Inc. where she continues her stubborn crusade against whorephobia. Her biting satire, personal essays, and op eds continue to raise awareness in a variety of local and national publications. She has been quoted extensively in The New York Times. Her second one woman show, Whore’s Eye View is in development. To find out more about Kaytlin, please visit the link https://theoldestprofessionpodcast.com

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