Rayanne Irving & Pete Fahey: Reconnect

October 20, 2020

Sex trafficked child and the youth outreach worker who helped her escape the streets Reconnect after 20 years.

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In 1998 Rayanne Irving was just sixteen years old, entrenched in “The Life”. Making a living (for her traffickers) as a Sex Trafficked Child in Vancouver, Canada. Pete Fahey was a young Street Youth Outreach Worker when Rayanne’s name landed on his desk under Missing Children.

Rayanne Irving, 1998

Pete took the time to earn Rayanne’s respect, but it wasn’t long before she disappeared again entrenched in the world of prostitution. Enduring a kidnapping and two violent abductions by warring pimps, it wasn’t until after an explosive home invasion, that Rayanne realized she wanted out, and would need help to get away from her traffickers safely.

Pete Fahey, 1998

Rayanne reached out to Pete Fahey. On the night of her daring escape, with Peter’s help, Rayanne stuck to her life-altering decision to leave her gang family behind – but not before one last epic showdown between Peter and the Gang. Episode One is so incredibly special – an event 20+ years in the making. After no verbal or physical contact since her escape, Rayanne and Peter Reconnect. The two reminisce about the last contact they had with one another, then dive into unforgettable memories and moments from Peter’s 20 years of youth outreach work. This episode is chalked full of valuable information for anybody interested in boots to the ground, grassroots, humanitarian, social projects, and outreach services!

Peter Fahey Former Director of Youth Services at Surrey Reconnect, Outreach Worker, Youth Worker, Group Home Worker, Shelter Worker, Advocate and Volunteer for youth and families for 19 years. Changing careers nine years ago, Peter returned to college at 40 yrs of age to become a Marine Cook, he is currently employed in the Newfoundland Offshore Oil and Gas Industry.

Epsisode Produced by Andrew Gavin

Music by Fellow Hollow

Cover Design by German Cabrera

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