Our mission is to prevent human trafficking through youth education, awareness-raising, and advocacy. Our approach is to focus on education by encouraging youth voices to share what they learn, be aware of what this illicit trade is all about, and generate an “echo” worldwide. Youth education is where the prevention of human trafficking begins and this is at the core of all our work

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Pamela Heal, founder of The Heal Netwerk, has dedicated her life’s “werk” to promote healing in spaces where it’s most needed. A Navy combat veteran, educator, writer, activist, and “a survivor of damn near everything,” Ms. Heal came by her last name honestly at birth.

Healing is for everyone, and in the wake of 2020 and the years leading up to it, there is a palpable need in marginalized communities to make healing opportunities more accessible and appealing for the collective advancement of all. 

Featured partner

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